Mustang Page

This is a picture of Mom and Dad and dog Ginger on my Grandfathers 1965 Mustang.  Dark Blue, with Black Interior. 

My first 60's body still mustang, "Old Blue".

My old 68 Mustang Fastback.  Sold her a few years back but check out this nice pictures.

Here are some pictures from the recent 302 Engine transplant and instulation . What do you think?

Installing new insulation and new tunes.

Inside all taken apart seats out.

Taking the old engine out, a delicate procedure.

Ruger was hanging out and Brooke dressed him.

Working on the new engine, fine tuning before installation.

Another engine picture

Old ford Blue with 93 Saleen Shorty Headers.

Finished Product after the new engine is in.

New engine minus fan and radiator.

Rashid and I making last minute modifications.


The Cactus Jack Mobile ready for action.