Why would you invest your hard earned money into a investment that depreciates like a falling rock?

Stop throwing your money at these over priced plastic cars that fall apart as soon as the payments are complete,  This scam has been stealing Americans hard earned money for at least three decades now. 

Most people pay as much for their automobile as they do for their home.

The home appreciates, yet your cars are worthless after about 8 years.

It's time to stop the buck and buy a car that appreciates, much like your house.

The day you buy it the value stay's where it's at or goes up.

All pre- 1974 Cars appreciate.  The classics never expire, even once you pay them off unlike the new plastic crap cars they are pumping out now.

These cars appreciate much like your house!

Think about it pre-1974 cars were built out of lasting material, the Car has a Strong Metal shell that will never break like plastic cars, that get brittle and crack and die.

All moving parts have been replaced with brand new technology parts. 

Even though the cars shell has many years, all the important wearable parts have been replaced!

You can even get your classic car with Airbags for the ultimate safety.

You are also purchasing a product that is cleaning our air, All Ankh vehicles sold have the Hydrogen Generators installed.  These generators break Water H2O into their gas form of Oxygen and Hydrogen and run the engine off water.

That's right these cars are vehicles that utilize a technology so advanced chances are your new car doesn't have this.

Here are 4 cars currently available for order. 

We can also customize your hotrod with our Ankh Technologies add-ons, for an eternal ride!

Click Here for the 1968 Mustang Page

Here you can find pictures on our recent engine transplant where we put a        fresh 302 in place of my old 289. We also put in new insulation for the stereo and speakers all the way around. A fun project to have done. We are going to soon be converting the C4 transmission into a AOD for added fuel efficiency and better highway cruising.


 1965 Lincoln Contenential Convertible Page

Here we are restoring a 1965 Lincoln Convertible with Suicide doors. This of a    kind car with highly desired options. From the paint to the carpet this car will be taken apart and put back together. Check out the current photo's and see what we do as the project get underway.


1946 Chevy Page

Wow- Check out this old school technology. Dad hooked me up with his little      baby. I'm just starting to get into restoring this cool hotrod. Here are lots of pictures of the project as it begins.



1969 Chevrolet 3/4 ton camper special

This is the bad boy of Chevy's in 69. The camper special was the long bed truck, with a towing package that included 3 gas tanks. Here are the options, factory A/C, Automatic Transmission, V-8 350 Engine Power brakes,

If your interested in Purchasing an Ankh Vehicle, Email me Here.

A good investment appreciates like your home, and will last your lifetime.

Ankh Vehicles also utilize the Hydrogen Generator that allows you to run the car off water saving fuel costs!

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