46 Chevy Page

Here is an original 1960's hotrod!
I got the vehicle a year ago from my father who lived in Texas at Crystal Beach. He had owned the truck for many years, but when the brakes went out a few years back it just sat asking to be driven.

As you can see by the cool stance of the truck the complete drivetrain is modified for racing and hotroding.

It has an original 327 engine, 350 transmission, and posi rear end that will smoke the tires at just the thought of speed.
The wheels and tires are no longer available and a one of a kind, I have yet to find another 46 Chevy that even looks close to this one of a kind hotrod. Most 46 Chevy's are chopped, tucked and bagged. I like the unique look of this one of a kind vintage treasure, pops said they were circus tires jokingly, because everyone always comments on the wheels.

Here are some pictures from my trip to Texas to pick up the old truck.
Talk about a one of a kind trip taking the 69 20 hours to texas to pick up the 46 and back, but the 69 super camper special with all three gas tanks held up like a champion!
My dad had the truck sitting on the beach for years.
When we first hooked up the truck the rear end was seized up, we had to drag it down the road to break the tires loose!
It was awesome seeing it move after all those years even if it was being towed.

This Picture was at Pops new place in Jackson Texas.

Here's a picture at my Aunt's place outside of San Antonio.

This is a picture of the rust removal process. Of course this truck is still under construction and will be a while until its completed. I plan on a new mustang II front end with disk brakes, Air Conditioning, Wood bed, Dark blue and grey paint! This baby is going to snap necks when driven!

A Nice picture of the Mustang and 46 from the back.

Here's my boy Ian playing on the truck.